Savage 99 Graphics

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Savage Rifles - Blue Owl - Advt - Posted on eBay

1936 Savage 99 Advert from Calhoun

Savage postcards

Converting the Savage 99 - American Rifleman - January 1973

How it Works article

Very nice 99 takedown

WWII Savage and Weaver Ads

Savage images created by Mike Marketello from the Savage Collectors forum on 24 Hour Campfire.

I did none of the work - I'm just hosting the images.
Sincere apologies for taking so long to get these images up here

Savage Wallpaper

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Wallpaper in 1024x768 BMP
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Grandfather Savage Poster

Grandfather Savage in 1024x768 JPG
Grandfather Savage in 1152x864 JPG
Grandfather Savage in 1280x1024 JPG

Warning! These are very large files - they start at 2 meg and go up from there

Grandfather Savage in 1024x768 BMP
Grandfather Savage in 1152x864 BMP
Grandfather Savage in 1280x1024 BMP

Other Savage Images

This is a catalog cover I "fixed up" for fun...again - original images posted @ 24 Hour Campfire

1899 Catalog Cover from Jed over @ 24 Hour Campfire

1899 Cover - 150 DPI

1899 Catalog Cover from Mike - fixed colors - wallpaper sized
1899 Catalog Cover
1899 Catalog Cover With Dropshadow

A Savage 99 Brochure from Les over @ 24 Hour Campfire
How about those prices!

Special Order ad for a 1909 model from Bushwacker over @ 24 Hour Campfire

Savage Shotgun Adv w/ 99 @ bottom

Large Version

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